Choquequirao, the “Cradle of Gold”

Exploring Choquequirao, the “Cradle of gold” deep within the Mountains of Peru.

Details about the shot. Taken at the start of the rainy season, December 2013.

  • 5D mkII 17-40mm f/4 Canon Lens
  • 3 Shot HDR
  • 1/20 sec  at  f / 5.6  ISO 100.


El Galeon

The El Galeon in St. Augustine, Florida.


Africa-South-Sudan-Travel-Photography -7250

South Sudan

Some of my favorite pictures from South Sudan.

I will lift my eyes…

This is a 9 shot panorama of the Milkyway that I captured in Alaska last fall. The heavens were so clear that you could clearly see the band of stars across the night sky with the naked eye.

Settings for each photo: 30 seconds long, f./4, ISO 5000.  Shot on a 5D mark II, with a Canon 17-40mm L f/4 lens.

To God be the glory.

Milky Way Pano

Night on the mountain top

Night on the Mountain small