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Hi, my name is Charles Vernier.
I am a guy with a camera and a love for traveling and meeting new people. It started in 2010 when I was asked to be the primary photographer on an adventure expedition in the jungles of Peru, along the Amazon river. With a basic understanding of how a camera worked and how to frame shots, I borrowed a camera and rented some pro lenses. Dealing with the rough conditions of the Amazon was the beginning of my photography career, and I was hooked.
Since then, I’ve traveled the world, photographing different cultures, adventures, and wildlife. My work includes TV productions, photojournalism, promotional work and more.
From trekking across Africa and Mongolia to spending weeks in the outback of Alaska avoiding bear attacks, I have worked as a photographer in the toughest conditions and have been able to capture well crafted images along the way.
I work with companies and individuals in the firearms and outdoors industry and help them promote their businesses with excellent photography.
● So often the importance of high quality photography for a business is overlooked and sales suffer as a result. I seek to understand the vision of my clients and provide them with photos that clearly communicates their brand to potential clients.
● Over the past 3 years I have worked directly with firearms professionals and while studying this industry, I have seen the pages of magazines and Instagram flooded with images of guns and gear on studio tables and a HUGE lack of gear being used by real people in the outdoors. Why is this?? Because finding a photographer who shoots outside of the studio, with the requirements of firearms professionals, can be hard.
Being a firearms enthusiast has enabled me to understand and be aware of critical industry-specific details. For example: correct shooter’s stance and real world tactics that professionals use.
For more info, please contact me: support@charlesvernier.com

Pricing Info

Pricing info:
My wedding packages start at $1600. please contact me for more details to see if I can best suit your photography needs.
All other photography services, please contact for a quote.


Please email me: support@charlesvernier.com

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