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CV Film Style Presets Basic Pack

  • Before-Preview 1
    After-Preview 1
    Before Preview 1 After
  • Before-Coolish preset
    After-Coolish preset
    Before Coolish preset After
  • Before-Preview 3
    After-Preview 3
    Before Preview 3 After
  • Before-Preview 4
    After-Preview 4
    Before Preview 4 After
  • Before-M3 Style Preset
    After-M3 Style Preset
    Before M3 Style Preset After
  • Before-C1 Style
    After-C1 Style
    Before C1 Style After
  • Before-M5 Style
    After-M5 Style
    Before M5 Style After
  • Before-F2 Style
    After-F2 Style
    Before F2 Style After

About this preset pack


This is a package of Adobe Lightroom presets, styled after the film look the VSCO Cam app gives.

Package contains 18 presets total + a few “tool” presets as bonus.

More information available soon or upon request.


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How to use the presets

Apply the presets as a base to get you close to the effect you are looking for.

These presets were not designed to be a “one-click fix”, but rather to get you as an editor close to the desired look. Small adjustments may be needed to tweak the photo to just what you are looking for.

Note: It’s hard in creating presets, to get the color spot on as the white balance is going to depend on your camera settings.  If the preset appears to be way off what it should be, try adjusting the “White Balance” to get the color back to what it should be.


Thanks so much!

Tools Included:

-Reset Color.lrtemplate

-Reset Everything

-Reset Post Crop Vignetting

-Reset White Balance


Presets included:

CV FIlm Style B1

CV FIlm Style B5

CV FIlm Style C1

CV Film Style F2

CV Film Style G3

CV Film Style M3

CV Film Style M5

CV Film Style P5

CV Film Style T1

CV Film Style X1

Bonus CV Film B-W

Bonus CV Film Style Coolish +

Bonus CV Film Style K3

Bonus CV Film Style M1

Bonus CV Film Style Warm +

VSCO Cam Preview 1

VSCO Cam Preview 2

VSCO Cam Preview 3

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